There’s a strange issue in Abit I just can’t fix. I sort of hope someone smarter than me reads this and fixes it for me, but I fear that would be too much to ask.

Still, here’s my desperate cry for help: if anyone can fix the key exchange for Abit, you’ll have the gratitude of all Abit users and I’ll make a certificate showing you’re clearly smarter than some guy who made a Bitmessage client for Android smartphones.

If my test wasn’t a fluke, key exchange works fine in the Jabit Demo app, but not in Abit. The only difference I could find between those was a reduced time to live for the public key – 2 days – but this shouldn’t make any difference, or should it?

By the way, I somewhat reduced the problem by providing the public key in the QR code or bitmessage:… link, but this only works between Abit clients as no one else supports this extension yet.

As a work around for the issue you can send a broadcast from the receiving node. Abit will recognise the included public key and import it.

I’d like to apologize to sn0wmonster who contacted me about this issue a long time ago but whom I somewhat discarded thinking key exchange was just slow.