Abit logo Abit is a client for the Bitmessage protocol that runs on Android™ devices. It was created as a bachelor thesis, but as I always wanted a usable Bitmessage client on my smartphone, development continues.

Because of how Bitmessage works, it’s rather wasteful to your resources and might have quite an impact on battery life. This is particularly true for sending messages, as the needed Proof of Work was designed to use a lot of resources.

The Bitmessage protocol needs all currently valid messages of all users. This means that, when you first connect, Abit will need to download a lot of stuff before it starts working properly.

Get it on Google Play

Or download it here.

And of course it’s open source, so go ahead and fork it, either on GitHub or right here, and throw me some pull requests. Keep in mind that a lot of the magic happens in the Jabit library, so you might want to look at those, too.